I am Constança,

Doula by Rede Portuguesa de Doulas, artist e in love with the ceremony of life.

I support women through the pregnancy, birth and postpartum process. I see our cycles of life as sacred rites of passage that deserved to be treated as such.

I believe that there is a need to bring back the sacred and the ritual to our lives, knowings that were passed down from generation to generation. I believe in nourishing and supporting women in a holistic way.

Simple living and connection with Nature.

I feel at home living simply and in connection to Nature, creating a symbiosis between the modern and the ancestral.

I am in love with herbology and old traditions of Iberian women. Studying them bring me a larger sense of connection and belonging to my roots and to the women that came before me. I practice bringing ritual to my everyday life, not in an extravagant way, but through small things like yoga, breathing, tea and writing, which connect me to myself and with life.

Community and Interdependence.

I graduated with an Arts degree in Falmouth, England. I'm a yoga teacher and homeschool teacher. I support families through the whole cycle of parenting - pregnancy, birth, postpartum and in their education, both to the children and the parents. I believe in community and interdependence.


I have learnt from some wonderful and wise teachers,

I honour them here:

Marjorie Sá- Pregnancy and postpartum massage

Rita Desterro- Pregnancy and postpartum care, Postpartum cooking

Rachelle Garcia Seliga (Midwife, Innate traditions)- Postpartum care and ceremony

Raquel Cajão (Portuguese Midwife) - Rebozo Massage

Naoli Vinaver (Mexican Midwife)- Sacred Sexuality and Birth

Cristina Pincho (IBCLC)- Breastfeeding

Luísa Condenço- Rede Portuguesa de Doulas

Xico Rodrigues- Ashtanga yoga and meditation

Lea Perfetti and Tarik van Prehn - Ashtanga Yoga and Women's work